About Us

Astana Law and Consultancy is an outstanding law firm that deals with all aspects of legal problems and provides results-oriented, attentive and safe service.

Astana Law and Consultancy strives to provide legal and consultancy services in a meticulous and safe manner and works with professionals specialized in different legal fields. Our office, which has a wide network of knowledge and experience consisting of the leading academicians and experts of the country as well as its own team, aims to provide its clients with up-to-date and accurate information.
Astana Law and Consultancy produces legal solutions in many fields. However, Human Rights, Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Citizenship Law, Associations and Foundations, Contracts are the areas where our team is concentrated.

Astana Law and Consultancy has the ability to produce consultancy and solutions within the scope of many countries, especially neighboring and Turkish Republics and China, in addition to legal and consultancy services throughout Turkey. We offer cooperation with local law offices in all provinces of Turkey.
With our expert team that can be reached at any time of the day, we stand by your side at every stage of legal issues and offer you the legal service you need to provide legal security.